If you have a shingled roof, we can help connect you to our network of experienced roofers in the area

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Ottawa roofs must withstand a barrage of elements year round, from heat, humidity, rain and wind in the summertime to long, cold, harsh winters with plenty of ice, snow and wind. Your roof helps protect your home, the biggest investment in your life. From time to time roof repair is needed, and, throughout the course of a home’s lifetime, roof replacement can be called for. We take pride in providing Ottawa homeowners and property managers with quality roofing workmanship and materials. We want you and your family to continue to enjoying your home. For roof maintenance, roof replacement and emergency roof repair, count on Robinson Roofing. Get in touch with us today for your free, no-obligation estimate.

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Perhaps you’ve noticed warping, fading or even leaking from your existing roof. Or maybe you’ve got a roof that’s getting near (or past) it’s projected lifetime. When you contact Robinson Roofing in Ottawa, one of our friendly, experienced roofers will arrive at your home, inspect the roof and give you a free quote that reflects our advice as to whether you need a new roof or if we can repair your existing roof. Our goal is to provide you with a fair, honest assessment of your roof, one that helps protect your bottom line and looks out for your investment in your home. If the roof can be repaired, we’ll get to work so that your roof can continue to provide shelter for years to come. In the case of roof replacements, we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee.